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Minehead Middle School Strive for excellence


In Drama at MMS, pupils are encouraged to express themselves creatively by participating in a wide range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others’ contributions; pupils are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding to:


  • Use a variety of dramatic techniques to explore ideas, issues, texts and meanings.
  • Use different ways to convey action, character, atmosphere and tension when they are scripting and performing in plays (for example through dialogue, movement & pace).
  • Appreciate how the structure and organisation of scenes and plays contribute to dramatic effect.
  • Evaluate critically the intentions and performance of dramas which they have watched or in which they have taken part.


The range of drama activities includes:


1. Improvising and working in role.

2. Devising, scripting and performing in plays.

3. Discussing and reviewing their own and others’ performances.


The drama curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to improve each individual's skills in drama whilst carefully linking to other areas of the curriculum and life in the wider world.