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Parents of pupils transferring between educational stages or going to school for the first time will receive a transport application form and explanatory notes with their school place application form pack in the September/October before the following September transfer or first placement. The form can be returned with the school placement application form to the Admissions Team at County Hall. The LEA will write to parents at the end of January or in March (for first admissions) to acknowledge the application and tell them whether their son or daughter is eligible for assistance 


If a pupil gains a place at a Somerset school during the year rather than at the start of the academic year, parents should complete a School Transport application form which is available from the School or by telephoning Somerset Direct on 0845 345 9155. A copy of the form can also be downloaded from Somerset County Council’s website: Somerset County Council: Apply for school transport. 


The School neither allocates nor decides transport policy and it does not have the authority to enable unauthorised pupils to travel on school transport, nor to give permission for children to change to different buses for parties, friends, weekends, etc. All such decisions are taken by County Hall and parents should telephone the County Transport Officer, Sarah Godfrey, on 01823 355666 or call Somerset Direct on 03001 232224 to discuss entitlement. The school, however, is responsible for administering the system and ensuring pupils’ safety and welfare.