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Physical Education

At Minehead Middle, we want to inspire pupils to participate and enjoy physical activity. We feel it is vital for pupils to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, whilst developing the confidence to continue these beliefs independently. We hope to lay the foundations for pupils to start a life-long journey into engaging with sport and physical recreation.


In KS2, pupils receive one hour of timetabled PE every week compared to two hours for KS3 pupils. Pupils experience a vast curriculum covering football, rugby, netball, hockey, gymnastics, dance, multiskills, leadership and outdoor adventurous activity, health related fitness, athletics, cricket and rounders. Within KS2, pupils will also experience tennis and swimming.


We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme covering traditional and non-traditional sports depending on the term.


PE Aims:

  • Encourage the physical, academic and social development of each pupil.
  • Encourage enjoyment in PE through a range of physical activities and encourage habits of life-long participation promoting ‘Sport for Life’ thinking.
  • Expect maximum participation in every lesson allowing everybody the chance to shine.
  • Encourage pupils to develop skills in providing accurate feedback by evaluating physical activity.
  • To empower pupils with the ability to accept responsibility, respect, to work co-operatively and positively with others to overcome challenges and situations.
  • To develop pupils aesthetic and creativity skills through developing a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of movement skills in gymnastics and dance.
  • Encourage good habits, knowledge and understanding of issues related to PE including general fitness, health and safety and personal hygiene.
  • To nurture those who are new to an activity and provide opportunities for pupils to train and compete at a higher level.
  • Accommodate a variety of competitive and non-competitive sporting activity for all abilities outside of the curriculum.
  • To allow students to develop informed opinions and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments.