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Physical Education

At Minehead Middle School (MMS) we believe that Physical Education is an essential part of a child's education, enabling them to attain optimal physical, social and emotional wellbeing. 


The primary focus of the PE curriculum is to:

  • raise children's aspirations
  • engender a sense of personal pride in achievement
  • provide a purpose and relevance to their learning

Our main goal is to help every child develop self-confidence and enjoy being active. We aim to inspire our children and create enthusiasm for PE lessons, physical activity and competitive sport.  PE at MMS is taught via ‘Me in PE’, a holistic, broad-minded approach which is facilitated in a safe and supportive environment. Our ‘Quality First Teaching’ approach provides tailored learning opportunities for all children to help them to develop into independent, confident and successful learners. This programme is underpinned by the ‘Physical Me’ aspect, implemented to improve skill execution and fitness. The children are concurrently taught cross-curricular skills and important life skills such as swimming, map reading and working collaboratively, whilst embedding the values stated in the MMS ethos statement. Children learn how to operate in teams and the etiquette associated with taking part in sport, thus encouraging good sportsmanship at all times. 


We endeavour to teach all the children to understand the importance and relevance of sport and physical activity within Minehead, the surrounding community and wider society. Our aim is to foster a lifelong commitment in the children towards physical activity and ensure they are well prepared for the next stage of their educational career.


We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme covering traditional and non-traditional sports depending on the term.

PE Intent, Implementation and Impact

Think like a Sportsperson